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About Us

Penn advanced repairs is   company specialising in  repairs of iPhones, iPads, smartphones, tablets and laptops of every brand. With our services, we support every private and business customer. Our service is tailor-made for every customer, so that everyone can quickly and conveniently receive their repaired device. It does not matter whether it is a corporate customer, private customer or one of our partners.

For a long time, we have been the reliable contact persons when it comes to repairs of mobile phones, notebooks and computers. The spectrum of our service is virtually limitless and at the highest technological level. Our IT service covers repairs and equipment of all kinds, from housing repairs such as display exchange or refurbishment to high-level board repairs such as graphic chip exchange for notebooks or re-soldering of capacitors on main boards of, for example, Such as smartphones or laptops. Data recovery or recovery of data from defective laptops and smartphones to network equipment or pest control, such as the removal of viruses and Trojans are also part of our daily tasks.
The satisfaction of our customers is our success!

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